Dms Leasing: Equipment Finance Soloutions

Supplier Sector

DMS provides 'point of sale' leasing and finance facilities for suppliers of equipment, machinery and IT.

Our team have been helping suppliers of capital equipment 'sell with rentals' for many years and we can offer you and your clients efficient and effective solutions that can really make a difference.

Our facilities start from £1000 ex VAT with repayment periods from 1 – 7 years.

What DMS provides.

  • A Dedicated Account Manager and Sales Administrator.
  • High approval rate across all credit categories – wide range of funders including own funds!
  • Quick decisions and payouts coupled with consistently high levels of service.
  • Regular communication and transparency – we will keep you and your clients fully informed.
  • Competitive rates and bespoke facilities.

Supplier Benefits.

Easier Sales
Breaking down the cash price into attractive monthly, weekly or even daily costs makes it easier for customers to commit to purchase. It also makes it easier to sell a higher specification item and/ or more accessories.

Increased Profit Margins
Quoting rentals should mean there is less requests for cash discounts.

Dedicated Support
You will be allocated both an internal sales administrator and a field based sales support person to ensure that you're supported every step of the way. We are renowned for our high level of customer service.

Comprehensive Range of Facilities
All Leasing and Hire Purchase options are available along with bespoke rentals options, including short term hire. Maintenance inclusive facilities are also available.

Immediate Payout
We pay you immediately after satisfactory delivery.

Secondary Business
Once a client becomes comfortable with leasing it becomes easier to sell additional equipment or upgrade it ensuring customer loyalty.

Management Information
We provide our suppliers with their portfolio information including expiry dates so they never miss out on a chance to upgrade a client.

Client Benefits.

Tax Efficient
Lease Rentals are normally 100% allowable against taxable profits. This can mean a substantial saving over paying cash.

Equipment Now
Acquire the asset now and start to derive the income/ savings immediately rather than when your budget allows. You don't pay your staff 3 years in advance so why pay for your equipment in advance.

Quality More Affordable
Paying in instalments means that a higher specification machine may be affordable.

Additional Funding Line
Your leasing exposure has no impact on your existing bank or credit lines. Other than the equipment no other security is required.

Low Initial Outlay
Normally one rental is the only deposit required.

Fixed Rentals
Rentals are fixed and not subject to inflation or interest rate hikes making for accurate budgeting.