Dms Leasing: Equipment Finance Soloutions

Education Sector

DMS Leasing has the experience to guide schools through the difficult maze of equipment finance. Our reputation is such that many clients regularly return to us to finance additional pieces of equipment or facilities and recommend us to their colleagues.

As an independant finance provider we specialise in working with clients in the education sector and helping them to finance acquisitions of all types of equipment and facilities. Whether it's reprographics equipment, CCTV, a science lab refit or a central heating project, we can help.

We understand the challenges that many schools and colleges face in trying to keep their facilities up-to-date within a limited budget. They have to have the latest and most capable pieces of equipment but outright purchase often isn’t the most cost effective way to fund these assets. We also understand there is often quite a considerable cost involved. This is where we feel we offer the greatest benefit to our clients.

If you are currently tied to unsuitable finance agreements, the team at DMS can also review these for you and advise on the best course of action. We have almost three decades of experience as oth an equipment supplier and finance provider so fully understand the way both sides work.

We’ll guide you carefully through the finance process and find a payment profile that most closely matches your budgetary requirements. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of professional advice and product experience, as well as:

  • Full transparency and no hidden costs; you will be informed at the outset of any end-of-lease arrangements
  • The best of a range of payment profiles available throughout the market
  • Deferred payments where possible - allowing you to acquire the equipment or facilities immediately and begin paying in next year’s budget
  • A dedicated and experienced contact at DMS to manage your account and needs
  • The most competitive terms we can find